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Note to fans of The CW:

Be sure to savor every last bite of The Vampire Diaries this fall, winter and spring.

Because the beloved series is coming to an end.

Creator Julie Plec made this semi-surprising announcing to kick off the show’s panel discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego today, alerting fans in attendance that the popular show will wrap up after Season 8.

This really isn’t a shock to those that have been paying close attention, however.

First, Kat Graham confirmed several weeks ago that she would be departing the drama following Season 8.

Then, Ian Somerhalder said in April that the team behind the show had decided to produce "one last season."

He later tried to walk these words back, but the proverbial writing has been on the wall for some time now.

Moreover, The CW moved The Vampire Diaries (once its highest-rated program) to the television graveyard of Friday nights after a handful disappointing Thursday night performances last year.

Simply put, ratings have been on an extreme downswing. There’s simply no story left to tell here.

Early on, The Vampire Diaries established itself as a legitimately interesting and suspenseful series.

This was not Twilight. Not by a long shot.

The first couple seasons managed to shock viewers with twists and turns on a nearly weekly basis, making major stars out of Somerhalder,  Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.

But Dobrev left after Season 6 and viewership has been shrinking for years now.

Plec said at Comic-Con that producers wanted to make this announcement early on, giving them a chance to write out the ending they want to tell with plenty of notice.

How do you feel about The Vampire Diaries coming to an end?

It’s about time, isn’t it?

Will Dobrev return as Elena for the series finale? She has hinted in the past that she’d be open to this arrangement.

For now, you can go watch The Vampire Diaries online via our friends at TV Fanatic and you can help us raise a glass to one of The CW’s most enjoyabe shows.

Watch the cast say goodbye here: