21 Epic Elena Gilbert GIFs

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We'll miss Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries. Here are a bunch of GIFs to help explain why.

1. Double the Dobrev!

Double the Dobrev!
Give Nina Dobrev tons of credit. She has played Katherine and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, sometimes in the same scene.

2. Delena Hotness

Delena Hotness
Luckiest. Vampire. EVER. Elena tears off Damon's shirt in this Vampire Diaries scene.

3. Funny-Faced Elena

Funny-Faced Elena
Elena was not known for her sense of humor. But that just made it even more exciting when she broke out a silly face.

4. Drunk Elena

Drunk Elena
Bottoms up, Elena Gilbert! Our favorite female vampire is getting her drink on.

5. Partying Elena!

Partying Elena!
Life is a party for Elena Gilbert. At least in this scene from The Vampire Diaries.

6. I Feel... Nothing

I Feel... Nothing
Elena is lying in the middle of the road and waiting for her next meal. Look out, pedestrians!

7. Who Needs Humanity?

Who Needs Humanity?
Not Elena Gilbert. Not in this scene from The Vampire Diaries.

8. Like My Hair?

Like My Hair?
Elena has gone pink in this GIF from The Vampire Diaries. Do you like her look?

9. Yummy!

Elena just enjoyed a fine meal on The Vampire Diaries. Who is next on her menu?

10. Vampire Elena!

Vampire Elena!
She's vamping out! Blood-sucking Elena is on the loose!

11. Katniss Who?!?

Katniss Who?!?
Say hello to Elena Gilbert, vampire hunter. Look out, supernaturals.

12. Lucky Elena

Lucky Elena
Elena got to make out with a shirtless Stefan on The Vampire Diaries. Not too shabby.

13. Got Me!

Got Me!
Hey, look... Elena can't always have all the answers.

14. No... way!

No... way!
Elena has also has many reasons to be shocked and stunned on The Vampire Diaries.

15. Still Crying

Still Crying
What can Elena Gilbert say? She has a new reason to cry every week on The Vampire Diaries.

16. Water-Eyed Elena

Water-Eyed Elena
Nope. She can't do it. She can't hold those tears in any longer!

17. Trying-Not-To-Cry Elena

Trying-Not-To-Cry Elena
Elena has had many reasons to cry over the years on The Vampire Diaries. But she's trying to hold it in here.

18. Worried Elena

Worried Elena
Hey, are you okay? Leave it to Elena to always put her friends first.

19. 1960s Elena

1960s Elena
Check out that headband! Elena is totally ready to rock around the clock all night.

20. Fancy Elena

Fancy Elena
Thanks to a Mystic Falls event like every two weeks, we've had plenty of chances to see Elena all dolled up.

21. Sassy Elena

Sassy Elena
Talk to the hand! Or at least to this annoyed face.

22. Crinkly-Nosed Elena

Crinkly-Nosed Elena
We couldn't make this face if we tried. Well done, Nina Dobrev!

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