Stevie J Granted Restraining Order Against Joseline Hernandez

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J says Joseline Hernandez is a vindictive crazy person out to defame and destroy him out of revenge.

Well, yeah. What else is new, right? But the situation has gotten so out of hand that he requested, and was granted, a restraining order.

Stevie & Joseline

According to Stevie J, his longtime partner Joseline is out to ruin his character, and has gone way, way beyond a typical online feud.

If you missed it, the allegedly pregnant Joseline called Stevie J a child molester who abuses his six-year-old daughter with Mimi Faust.

Mimi has called B.S. on that, for what it's worth.

Sources close to the VH1 star say Stevie feels Hernandez's claims are nothing but a sick attempt at revenge from a bitter individual.

Stevie, somehow, has taken the high road and remained quiet about the claim until yesterday, when he filed for a restraining order.

Calling Joseline volatile, jealous and filled with an evil sense of revenge after the couple's nasty split, he asked the court for protection.

The order means Joseline, who also says Stevie watches gay porn, must stay at least 200 yards away from the producer at all times.

However, she can still swing by and pick up her Rolex and diamond ring from his house - so long as the police accompany her. Phew.

As for whether she's really carrying his baby?

Joseline Hernandez: Faking Her Pregnancy?
Joseline Hernandez Cleavage

Does that look like a baby bump to you? At all?

Earlier this month, Hernandez shared a shot of her alleged baby bump, and claiming that Stevie J disavowed the baby, and good riddance!

She then shared the above pics, followed by a sonogram photo ... which she deleted amid rumors that Joseline's pregnancy is fake.

Why should Hernandez pull such a maneuver?

Beyond the fact that she's a pathological liar?

We're not sure, but she claims to be a few months along, and based on the photos above, at least ... she doesn't exactly look like it.

Stevie J, for his part, reportedly doubts she is.

The two have always played fast and loose with the truth (including about their own relationship status and pregnancies), so who knows.

What we can tell you is that it'll be getting worse.

All of this comes on the heels of a nasty breakup and even nastier Twitter feud (mostly one-sided), with tensions escalating by the day.

Doesn't look like any end is in sight, either.

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