Pretty Little Liars Recap: Which Liar Got Engaged?

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Will the liars are ever learn that telling the truth might actually get them somewhere?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 5, things got pretty intense when there was an influx of old enemies back in Rosewood. 

Jenna immediately made it her plan to target the liars, but this time she's doing it ever so openly. 

Previously, she's lied her way to the top, but now she has Sarah Harvey on her payroll and that's only going to spell bad things for the liars. 

Aria continued to lie to Ezra. After wondering where her boyfriend disappeared to, he returned and informed Aria that he was actually away visiting Nicole's parents to let them know that he's moved on. 

That was pretty damn nice of him. Right?!

It all seemed like it was going well until Ezra's phone started ringing, but the person on the other side of the line appeared to be Nicole. 

What the hell? She's meant to be dead! 

Aria chose to lie about the phone call. I don't know whether it was an effort to keep her man, or to prevent his heart from breaking further. 

Alison returned home, but she had Mary with her. Mary is the one who is caring for her.

As much as Alison wants to hate Mary, she knows that something doesn't quite add up with her story and wants to know the truth. 

There is some element of trust with her, but could it be the fact that Mary looks like Jessica that's making Ali keep her around?

Aria and Emily decided to go to Elliot's hidden apartment in order to get a clearer picture of who this person was and their motives. 

This only brought up more questions than answers, but it confirmed that to the gals that Archer/Elliot was dressing up as Wilden in order to send Ali off the rails. 

Their digging was going well until Rosewood's finest, Toby appeared on the scene and asked the liars if they have been to the station recently because that's where they found Rollins' car. 

Obviously, they said no. 

Alison's day went from bad to worse when she realized that she was broke and that her husband had taken all of her money and there was A LOT. 

The gals decided to text back a number on Elliot's cell and asked to meet the person. The person replied to meet them at the normal place, but things took a crazy turn when Jenna showed up at Ali's house and tried to open the door. 

That means we know that Elliot was working with Jenna, along with Mary, but does Mary know about Jenna? That's something we'll probably be waiting another few years to find out. 

Seriously, I feel like I was a teenager when this show started and I'll be collecting my pension by the time it's over. 

Emily continued to rush into another relationship. This time, Sabrina is the lucky chick, but I just can't shake the feeling that she's hiding something. 

She's just so damn sketchy. Remember how sketchy Maya was? Sabrina's worse. 

Whoever A.D is, they have the best zingers. Emily missed her test, but A.D passed it for her and sent the mother of all texts. 

"Thank me later, ungrateful bitch." 

Did anyone else laugh out loud at that? At least this new villain is helping sometimes. 

We closed this thrilling episode off with a shocking proposal. As much as Ezra's speech made zero sense, it was cute. 

Aria does not look like she's accepting. 

We need to wait two weeks to find out!

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