12 Craziest Twists in Pretty Little Liars History

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Pretty Little Liars has shocked and stunned us over the years.

But what was the biggest twist on a show best known for its totally crazy twists?

Consider the 12 wildest developments in Pretty Little Liars history below and decide for yourself:

1. A TWIN!

Mrs. DiLaurentis might be dead. But Mary Grace, her mysterious twin who viewers learned about on the Season 6 finale, is very much alive.

2. Alison is Alive!

Alison is Alive!
Many viewers out there may have seen this one coming, but did they see her acting as the "good" version of Red Coat coming?

3. Mona is A!

Mona is A!
Well, one version of A. The impact of this stunner has lessened over time as Mona's allegiances remain murky.

4. Toby is a Member of the A Team!

Toby is a Member of the A Team!
Our jaws crashed to the floor when we saw it was Toby undernearth that hood. But we then learned he was just acting evil in order to help Spencer.

5. Spencer is Also on the A Team!

Spencer is Also on the A Team!
Again, not really. She just faked being a member in order to help out the other Liars, but we weren't certain of this when the bombshell dropped in Season 3.

6. Ezra is a Stalker!

Ezra is a Stalker!
Once again, not really. (Are you sensing a pattern here?). While it seemed at first as if Ezra were a villain, he was actually just writing a crime novel about Alison and that was his reasoning for why he was stalking them and had two creepy lairs with surveillance.

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