M.I.A. Furious Over VMAs Snub, Accuses MTV Of "Racism sexism classism elitism"

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What's the point of taking part in social justice if the MTV Video Music Awards aren't paying attention?

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M.I.A. was pissed that her September 2015 music video for "Borders" (which she also directed) wasn't nominated this year and she wants everyone to know it.

“MIA - BORDERS is not included in the VMAs #hahahahhaahahhaha!!,” she tweeted today.

“Racism sexism classism elitism #dontwantyourlane!”

The music video is impactful in that it highlights the European migrant crisis.  M.I.A. is featured in the video singing alongside refugees as they travel.

Something about this video was right, and I was doing something for a good cause,” she told TIME Magazine last year.

“It didn’t really feel like I was doing it to promote my own pop stardom. ‘This week I’m going to be on refugees and next week I’m going to be on AIDS!’ It just felt like everything came together for a reason.”

If she's not doing it to promote her own pop stardom, then why is she so fired up about not being nominated? 

M.I.A tried to explain herself in subsequent tweets.

"not here 4 EGO or Accolades but know before you tell other 🌍 artists they have the same platform as major US artists coz they don't #🌍," she tweeted.

"BORDERS came representing people outside US showing 🌍. This is a perfect example of "allowed" voice vs excluded voices .Even if U direct it."

Ok, I only took away "EGO" and "Accolades."

Credit must be given to M.I.A. though for trying to bring attention to an international crisis.

“I’ve taken a lot of criticism and made a lot of sacrifices because I keep talking about this," she told TIME back in September.

"I could never talk about this again and be more successful, more accessible and more famous and more rich. But I’ve never done that because that aspect is important for me.”

Should "Borders" have been nominated?

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