Melania Trump Nude Pics: Actually Published by New York Post!

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Over the course of his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump has insulted Mexicans.

And Muslims. 


And women.

And pretty much anyone who isn't Donald Trump. 

He even went after Khizr Khan over this weekend, following the moving speech that "Patriotic Muslim" gave about his dead soldier of a son at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night.

Based on all of these wide-ranging insults, it's hard to say anything is off limits when it comes to firing back at Donald Trump.

Except, perhaps, for what The New York Post just did.

The newspaper has run a front page that features the headline "THE OGLE OFFICE" and which also features a photo of Melania Trump... nude.

Here. Click below to see an uncensored version for yourself:

Melania Trump Nude

The front page said it has “exclusive photos” and that “you’ve never seen a potential First Lady like this,” adding:

Steamy photos of Melania Trump emerged as husband Donald ratchets up his race for President. The nude pictures were snapped in Manhattan in 1995, revealing the potential First Lady’s life as a model known then as Melania K.

Now, look:

Melania Trump signed a modeling contract at the age of 18. Her past in this industry is not a secret.

Prior to becoming Donald Trump’s third wife, Melania worked as a model for fashion houses in Milan and Paris, France, before relocating to New York City in 1996.

She has appeared on the covers of such publications as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

So one could argue that Donald Trump knew who he was marrying and that any photo Melania willfully posed for in a professional context is fair game.

But this does seem unnecessarily sleazy and shameful, doesn't it?

There's plenty to mock about Donald Trump. There are plenty of negative things you can write about the man himself.

Why drag his wife into it, especially his NAKED wife?

Yes, any outlet and any individual with a public platform and conscious ought to be coming out against Donald Trump, doing all they can to ensure this ignorant bully and bigot does not become President of the United States.

But they should be able to accomplish that goal without dragging his family members through the mud.

Do you agree?

Or do you think Melania Trump's nude past is fair game?

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