Dave Schwartz Dies; Weather Channel Meteorologist Was 63

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Dave Schwartz has lost his battle with cancer.

The Weather Channel meteorologist, who has defeated that horrible disease two times in the past, was 63 years old.

Dave Schwartz

"It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to let you know that Dave Schwartz has passed away," the Weather Channel said in a statement on Facebook.

"He was a fan and staff favorite because he so obviously loved what he did and had a unique ability to draw viewers into the fascinating world of weather."

Concluded the emotional message:

"His passion for weather was contagious and inspired many to enter the field of meteorology. His passion and love of weather will never be forgotten, he will be greatly missed."

About a decade ago, Schwartz was given just a year to live after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

According to the station, he then suffered through an unsuccessful procedure to remove a tumor.

However, after radiation and chemotherapy treatments and another procedure, he was deemed cancer free.

Months later, though, his pancreatic cancer had returned... yet he found a treatment and became cancer free once more. 

Last year, the beloved weatherman was diagnosed for a third time.

After taking some time off and after receiving comments and messages of support from viewers, he addressed his battle with the illness on air.

"I want to let you know the reason why I have lost 35 pounds in the last five months is that I am being treated for cancer," he said on World Cancer Day in February.

"Stomach cancer, of all things for a foodie."

Schwartz went on to discuss his experience in detail, aiming to give fellow cancer fighters hope.

His co-workers at the Weather Channel remember him as "the most creative personality to ever appear on The Weather Channel."

Here is what Jim Cantore had to say upon his passing:

"Everything was genuine about this wonderful man. He was everybody's friend and that's what he really wanted to be.

"He made so many of us laugh, smile, and wish we were like him. He was so genuine and trustworthy – things that come from the soul and cannot be taught ...

"I'm so thankful he was on our team doing what he loved till the end of his time."

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