LeAnn Rimes: How Come Men Are Allowed to Cheat And I'm Not?

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At this point, LeAnn Rimes has been living the life of a semi-employed tabloid staple for so long that it's easy to forget that she was once one of the biggest names in music.

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Currently, Rimes is attempting to re-launch her career (We'd say stealing someone else's song and implicitly passing it off as your own isn't the best way to announce your comeback, but what do we know?), and it's ... not going so great.

Amazingly, she still has enough clout to land an interview with RollingStone.com, and the piece on LeAnn the site posted today. is every bit as hot messy as we've come to expect from Mrs. Rimes-Cibrian.

After congratulating herself for still being alive ("Anyone who started as young as I did, well, we don't really make it very far in our lives."), Rimes moves on to the topic she says she hates, yet never stops talking about.

Yes, for approximately the 47,000th time, LeAnn is "opening up" about having an affair with Eddie Cibrian while both of them were still married.

You really have to give her credit for continuously finding new angles from which to discuss this thing, especially since each and every one makes her out to be the victim.

Last week, LeAnn wanted sympathy because it turns out cheating on your husband with a dude who's also married takes a bit of an emotional toll. 

This time, she's claiming that this whole thing would've been forgotten by now if she had a penis:

"It has always boggled my mind," she says when asked about the fallout from her infidelity.

"We live in a man's world when it comes to that kind of thing. All is not fair in love and war. And affairs. "

We can't say for sure if the press and the public would've gone easier on a man, but we do know LeAnn's not doing herself any favors by bringing her relationship drama up in every damn interview.

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