Leah Messer Gushes Over New Home, Fresh Start For Family

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Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer has been through so much of late, but she's moving on to a better place - literally! She bought her first house.

Will this be the beginning of a brighter chapter?

Leah Messer Smiling!

Her previous houses were presumably purchased by Jeremy Calvert or Corey Simms, her exes (as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online).

Now Leah's on her own and making ends meet.

Leah made the big announcement June 1:. “I’m extremely ecstatic to announce The girls and I just sealed the deal on our new house!”

“#GodIsGreat ... Everything is falling into place!!”

Totes. #GodIsGreat. So are low mortgage rates.

All kidding aside, she's clearly in a good head space these days, and the physical move to a new place to call home is a big part of that.

While moving sucks for anyone who can't hire an army of underlings, Leah looked hot in the process and was sure we all knew about it:

Leah Messer Shares Instagram While Packing Up Old House

Her move was delayed due to historic flooding in her home state of West Virginia; Messer and her family are fine, but many are not.

Understandably, her focus for much of the past week and weekend was doing what she could to help flood victims in her home town.

Eventually, Messer was able to complete the exciting transition.

“Finally, I’m moved… :)” Leah captioned a photo of the place.

“I’m so happy to finally be in my own home, but now I’m ready to do what I can to get everyone around me back in theirs!"

"We will all then be so happy and relieved! I hope everyone is doing okay through this all. I’ll be available to help anyone that needs me!"

"Let’s get our homes and towns back WV! Xoxo #Goodnight”

Leah Messer New House

Yesterday, Leah couldn't contain her joy at the fact that she owns this place - even if it means a lot of effort will be required.

She wrote: “&& the yard work begins for this mommy! Can’t wait for the twins to get to spend their first night in OUR Home!”

Nearly all of the comments were positive ... rare for Twitter.

An appreciative, happy Leah responded to her followers: “Thanks everyone!!! This move has been one we will never forget!”

One big reason for the universally positive response?

No T.R. Dues or any other live-in lover in sight. At least that we know of. She's focusing on herself and reaping the rewards.

You gotta do you sometimes. Jenelle Evans, take notice.

She does seem like she's in a terrific, stable place lately, and given all the ups and downs she's experienced, it's well earned.

Of course, if Jeremy Calvert is engaged to Brooke Wehr, one may question if she can handle that sort of emotional hurdle.

Questions for another time. Congratulations Leah!!!

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