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We already knew that Kylie Jenner likes old things.

Just take a look at her boyfriend.

But we had no idea she liked things this old…

Kylie Jenner in a Robe
Photo via Instagram

In her latest print on for Puma, the 18-year old reality star is using technology that hasn’t been around itself in about 18 years, posing for the camera while talking on a pay phone.

Yes, a pay phone.

For those unaware, a pay phone works just like an iPhone.

Well, except that you can’t text from it. Or send photos with is. Or put it in your pocket.

You can’t download Instagram off of it or use Snapchat or purchase Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with it or anything like that.

You can only talk to other people with it. After putting coins in a slot in order to do so.

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, or were born after the year 2000, you probably have never seen one in use.

Kylie Jenner PUMA Picture
Photo via Instagram

Why is Kylie using such a contraption in 2016?

Because Puma is celebrating an a milestone with this campaign.

The PUMA Suede started its story in 1968," reads the caption to the above photo.

"Worn by athletes, b-boys, and hip hop stars of the day. Today, the story continues on the feet of another icon: PUMA Suede, meet @KylieJenner."

Yes, it just referred to Kylie Jenner as a an icon pretty much.

Tragically, to those of her generation, this is fairly accurate.