Chantel Jeffries: Back to Banging Justin Bieber!

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Chantel Jeffries is back in the news.

Because the model is once again back to taking it from Justin Bieber, according to a new report.

Chantel Jeffries in Black
Justin Bieber is Smoking

Jeffries has been in and out of Bieber's life bed for years now.

She was actually with the artist on the night he got a DUI in Miami, way back in January of 2014.

We last wrote about Jeffries two years ago, after reports surfaced that she was present at a party also attended by Bieber.

In this latest sighting, the 22-year old singer performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday night, reserving a seat at the famous arena for his occasional female conquest.

The busty brunette was seen enjoying the show from the audience, cheering Bieber along throughout each set.

"Chantel and Bieber have been hanging out for the past few months," an insider tells E! News. "Last night Chantel went to see Bieber in concert. Bieber got [her] tickets."

That's not all her got her, we bet!

(We mean he probably also got her off, as in... he probably also gave her an orgasm during sex later that night.)

Following the concert, Justin allegedly took Jeffries out for an especially romantic, private date The Big Apple.

In what way, exactly?

He actually rented out an entire theater at AMC Theaters in Times Square so they could check out The Secret Life of Pets together.

How sweet, right?!?

But also, how rude to Selena Gomez.

Back in 2011, Bieber rented out The Staples Center for a special night with his then-girlfriend, as they viewed Titantic together at the time.

We can't totally confirm that Bieber pulled a very similar move with Jeffries last night, but he did share a photo on Instagram of his feet kicked up inside a very empty movie theater.

See for yourself:

Bieber shoes

"They are sleeping together," a source very simply says of Bieber and Jeffries, adding:

"She went back to his hotel and she spent the night. Bieber likes Chantel he thinks she is a great girl. Chantel would really date Bieber exclusively if he was ready. They have been good friends for a while."

VERY good friends, apparently.

After the DUI in 2014, Jeffries was all over the news.

There were reports that she had been arrested five times and she grew so sick of the negative attention that she issued the following statement to E! News:

"I have been overwhelmed by the negative attention I have recently received in the media. My family and I are particularly upset about the false accusations which have been published concerning my criminal history...

"What has happened to me is wrong. I want people in general, and the media in particular, to consider the impact their disparaging comments have on the individual; especially when their comments are inaccurate."

Sadly, we're guessing Chantel Jeffries is in for a lot more negative attention over the next few days after this story goes viral.

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