Big Brother Recap: Did Frank Manage to Flip the Vote?

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Frank is never one to do down without a fight. 

He and Bridgette realized that one of them would be going home and promised not to campaign against each other. 

BB18 Julie

Frank got to work on Michelle, who didn't use the veto on him. She broke down and started bawling her eyes out. 

She made it clear that it was a tough decision, but Frank would be the one to go home. 

Da'vonne and Zakiyah barged in on a conversation so that Frank couldn't talk Michelle round. 

The house guests then started getting clues about the secret room. 

Paul was first in and lied to everyone else that no one else could get in. 

The other house guests continued to try get in and succeeded. 

This proved to the rest of his alliance that he couldn't be trusted. 

Every house guest eventually got a ticket that could send them back into the game.

At the eviction ceremony, Frank was evicted in a unanimous vote, but the rest of the house were sure that he would be the one to get back in the game. 

At his interview with Julie, Frank admitted that targeting Da'vonne was not his best move and it probably sealed his fate. 

Julie opened his card and revealed that was not returning to the game and would be sent home. 

The rest of the house was no doubt ecstatic that their plan worked and they got ready to play the next HOH competition. 

Julie revealed a new twist that allowed viewers to impact the game. 

It would allow viewers to vote to send a secret advantage to a house guest. 

The first one would be a never slop pass. 

She also noted that each house guest can be given a care package once. 

Again, we never got to watch the full HOH competition play out, so we'll have to wait to find out who the new HOH is. 

The live feeds didn't even show the competition. What's the point of having them if everything is restricted?

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