50 Cent Just Got Arrested... for Cursing

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50 Cent got into motherf-ckin trouble with the motherf-ckin law during a stop in St. Kitts over the weekend.

And the reason why may surprise you.


The rapper was arrested for swearing - yes, swearing! - during a concert on the aforementioned Caribbean island on Saturday, June 25 because he violated a local ordinance that forbids cursing.

The mistake Fiddy made in front of thousands?

He dropped a  “motherf--kin’” during a performance of his hit “P.I.M.P."

(It's safe to say that Ben Affleck ought to stay far away from St. Kitts after his HBO interview last Wednesday.)

According to TMZ, the 40-year-old musician was originally scheduled to host the show at the St. Kitts Music Festival and was therefore unprepared with a clean version of his 2003 single.

The illegal word was dropped in front of 40,000 audience members (who were rapping along to the song themselves)... and 50 Cent was promptly booked immediately after leaving the stage

Profanity in public is against the law in St. Kitts.

“[Curtis "50 Cent"] Jackson was only booked to host the show, when he arrived at the festival organizers asked him to perform, he obliged and used the DJ they had there," the rapper's rep said via statement.

"Unfortunately, they didn't have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance.

"The show was a great success and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the 'motherf--ks’ in the United States."

Back in 2003, DMX was also arrested for using some unsavory words onstage at a concert in St. Kitts.

But he probably would have been arrested for something else around that time anyway. It was DMZ after all.

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