Pink to Instagram Hacker: You're an A-Hole!

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Pink is not impressed with the way some of her fans reacted to her going on a rant. 

The rant was about her Instagram account and the fact that someone hacked it. 

After a three-year hiatus from music, Pink finally bounced back with the addictive new single "Just Like Fire."

Pink At The Premiere Of Alice Through The Looking Glass

Her return to music was obviously met with some dismay as trolls started trying to hack her... and succeeded. 

The veteran singer took to Twitter on Wednesday night to air her feelings about the whole thing. 

"To the a******s that just hacked my private IG account.... Your parents must be really proud of you. That's your contribution to the world?" she tweeted.

Pink obviously doesn't like anyone invading her privacy. She's been in the biz for long, so she knows what it's like. 

She clearly didn't bank on getting hacked this soon after returning to the limelight. 

Might she have been worried that someone started posting images on her behalf?

Let's just say the whole thing could have turned into something much worse and Pink is a star that does not respond well to being messed with. 

She even engaged in a spat with a fan on Twitter. 

"@Pink lmao it's not the end of the world," wrote a fan called Ashley.

"I don't remember asking you," Pink replied.

Talk about getting to the point!

There were some who were helping Pink in her tirade against the "trolls."

Pink Twitter 1

The singer wrapped up her argument by ensuring her loyal fans knew she loved them. 

Pink Twitter 2

Was Pink right to go on her tirade against the hackers?

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