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Maisie Williams for ALL the wins, people.

The Game of Thrones actress has been featured prominently on Game of Thrones Season 6, but that’s not why we’re singing her praises right now.

Maisie Williams at Film Festival
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Instead, we’re giving mad props to Williams for her response to an openly sexist newspaper headline from earlier this week.

It stemmed from an event the young star attended over the weekend, one that raised money for an important cause.

But did The Daily Mail focus on this cause? Did it talk about the reasons why Williams a masquerade ball?

Nope. It took aim at her outfit instead. Here is the headline:

Other Headline
Photo via Bethan McKernan

Because Maisie Williams is totally awesome, though, she didn’t take this slight sitting down.

She didn’t remain silent in response to being called out for not wearing a bra.

She went ahead and re-Tweeted the sexist remark, offering up an alternative for what the newspaper could have written in its place:

Maisie Tweet
Photo via Bethan McKernan

HA! We love it.

This isn’t the first time Williams had spoken out against sexism, either.

Consider her awesome take on the idea of feminism in general. Is she all for it? Sort of, but…

M. Williams meme

Like we said above: Maisie Williams for ALL the wins.

Instead of saying someone is a "feminist," let’s all go in the opposite direction and use the term "sexist" for anyone who is somehow opposed to women being equal to men.

Okay? Okay!

Glad we had this conversation.