Game of Thrones Cast: What Don't You Know?!?

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They control dragons on TV.

They drink wine. They sentence people to death. And some of them come back to life.

But enough about the characters these actors and actresses play on Game of Thrones. What about their real-life selves?

We're guessing you weren't familiar with most of the following facts about various cast members:

1. So Close to Snow

So Close to Snow
Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) just barely lost out to Kit Harington for the role of Jon Snow. He was the second choice of producers.

2. Not So Permanent After All

Not So Permanent After All
Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) has a number of tattoos across her back. But they are digitally removed for her role on the HBO smash.

3. There's No Place Like Westeros

There's No Place Like Westeros
Sophie Turner (Sansa) played the scarecrow in a childhood version of the Wizard of Oz. She began acting at the age of 3.

4. Sing It, Bronn!

Sing It, Bronn!
Jerome Flynn (Bronn) enjoyed a number of hits in the UK as part a pop duo act. Their cover of “Unchained Melody” reached number-one in 1995!

5. Anyone Got Any Tofu?

Anyone Got Any Tofu?
Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) has been a vegetarian since the age of 16.

6. Brunettes Have All the Fun?

Brunettes Have All the Fun?
Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) is a natural brunette. She wears a blode wig on the show.

7. OUCH!

Rory McCann (The Hound) broke an arm, a wrist and both ankles - and fractured his skull! - in a rock-climbing accident in 1990.

8. A Different Kind of Dance

A Different Kind of Dance
Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) appeared in the Ali G movie, Ali G Indahouse, wearing a red PVC skirt and a leopard print top for the role.

9. On Guard!

On Guard!
Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is an expert fencer; she was once a member of the London Fencing Academy.

10. Can You See Her as Cersei?

Can You See Her as Cersei?
Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) was originally asked to audition for the role of Cersei. However, she couldn't do so because she was shooting something else at the time.

11. She's Come a Long Way

She's Come a Long Way
Diana Rigg (Olenna Tyrell) played a Bond girl in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

12. What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?
Kit Harington (Jon Snow) didn’t know that his real name was Christopher until he was 11 years old. Seriously! Talk about knowing nothing, huh?

13. Friends with the Fass

Friends with the Fass
Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) is close friends with Michael Fassbender.

14. Play It Again, Hodor

Play It Again, Hodor
Kristian Nairn (Hodor) is a DJ in real life. He'll have some more time to travel the world in this capacity now.

15. They'll Be Back!

They'll Be Back!
Both Headey AND Clarke have played the character of Sarah Connor; Headey in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Clarke in Terminator Genisys.

16. A Versatile Talent

A Versatile Talent
Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis) was the singer and guitarist in successful Dutch band Fontane.

17. Where Have You Seen Him Before?

Where Have You Seen Him Before?
Richard Brake (the Night’s King) also played Joe Chill in Batman Begins… the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents!

18. Quite a First

Quite a First
The character of Arya Stark is Maisie Williams' first professional acting role.

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