Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard: Slammed For Using El Salvador Residents to Make Money!

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Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are scrutinized for nearly everything they do, but does this latest round of criticism have merit?

The Dillards Photo

Their most recent scandal centers around an Instagram picture, depicting women part of their ministry in El Salvador selling jewelry.

Derick captioned the photo, shown below below:

"Jewelry on the display table this weekend made by local women to sell as part of our ministry. #economicempowerment #praiseJesus."

Yes, hashtag #economicempowerment.

So what's the issue? This immediately got Duggar Nation going off on the notion that Jill and Derk are using these women to make a profit.

Is this all just a shill for their ministry?

Duggars Sell Jewelry in El Salvador

One upset fan wrote to Derick:

"By stating that the jewelry made by the women to "sell as part of [your] ministry," do you mean they are selling it to make funds for your ministry?"

Another chimed in similarly:

"If it's about economic empowerment, shouldn't the funds go back into the pockets of the women and families who made the items?!?!"

"I don't see you helping people at all," said a fan on Twitter, echoing a familiar refrain to those who follow the lives of the two Dillards.

"How about posting pictures of you two actually doing charity to show the people who donate what you are actually doing with their money."

Again, this is not the first time we've seen Jill and Derick accused of misusing mission donations. Heck, it's not even the second or third.

The Arkansas couple has a donation section on their website, but have never fully disclosed what it is they do with the money raised.

Some believe that the young parents simply use the cash donations to fly back and forth to the U.S., which they do fairly often as fans know.

One fan posed this popular theory along with another:

"They must need money for another trip home. Fans always pay for their travel or TLC. The TLC train has derailed, they have not renewed you."

"Maybe Jill, Jessa and Anna all get pregnant sn."

There's also talk of Jill getting pregnant to avoid getting canceled and searching for Derick's mother's biological mom as a compelling storyline. 

Bottom line: Jill is under a microscope and the accusations against the Dillards are clearly out of control, but do fans have a point?

Especially when it comes to their fundraising?

Hit the comments below and tell us what you think of this latest Duggar scandal - and whether the media and critics should ease up or what.

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