Jill Duggar: Criticized for Seeking Mother-in-Law's Birth Mom on Twitter!

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Jill Duggar is catching heat again.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

This time, it's got nothing to do with her trying to get pregnant while in El Salvador as the Zika virus runs rampant there.

Instead, she's coming under fire for seeking out the birth mom of her husband Derick Dillard's mother, Cathy, who was adopted.

Jill even sent out a plea to fans on Twitter, asking for help from anyone who might know of the woman's whereabouts.

"Please help us find @cldilla birth mom. Anyone know Joyce Perry (DOB 12/9/1925)? Previously in TX, OK & PA. Israel would love 2 meet ggma!" she tweeted.

It may be worth noting that Jill and Derick's son Israel is one, and likely doesn't even understand what a great grandmother is.

In addition to the tweet, the couple also posted a notice on the Duggar Family Blog, announcing their search for Joyce Perry.

Fans, of course, deemed this public hunt inappropriate.

"Does CATHY want to know more about Cathy's birth family?" wrote one reader. "If so, why not before now? Why now? I hope Jill & Derick aren't turning up stones they should be leaving alone. This kind of venture can be full of pitfalls for everyone involved."

Another fan chimed in:

"Okay.....this is strange. Maybe Cathy's birth mother didn't want to be known."

Adding to the strangeness of it all is that Cathy had already tracked down her biological mother years ago, and noted the woman wanted nothing to do with her.

She made the admission after implying that her mom would've had an abortion if it had been legal.

"If abortion had been legal when I was born, I wouldn't be here! Neither would Derick, Dan or Baby Dilly!" she tweeted, which prompted a fan to ask her to clarify.

"My birth mother whom I located when I was 27," Cathy added. "She had put me up for adoption at birth and still didn't want to meet me even then."

It's unclear the real reason that's motivating Jill to find this woman, but we do know she and Derick have considered adopting a child of their own.

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