Jill & Jessa Duggar: Getting Pregnant to Avoid Getting Canceled?!

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Earlier this month, we reported that Jill and Jessa Duggar are planning to get pregnant at the same time.

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It's an unorthodox approach to family planning, but we can understand why two sisters so close in age would like the idea of sharing such an intimate experience.

Jill and Jessa didn't come right out and say that they plan to get simultaneously knocked up in the season finale of Counting On, but they strongly hinted at it.

"I think we will probably be pregnant at the same time," Jill said, following a trip to an El Salvador orphanage.

"But to say who will be first, well Israel is older ... so we will see." 

Interestingly, not long before that, Jill hinted that her next child will be adopted, saying:

“I’m not pregnant yet, that’s the question everyone keeps asking me. Not yet, I feel like we will have another child. I just don’t know how. It will probably be a naturalized citizen of the family.”

So did he have a change of heart and decide to get pregnant after?

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(Probably not a good idea, as Jill and Derick have been living in a Zika hotspot for most of the past year, but you know how those Duggars are about birth control!)

Another possibility is that Jill and Jessa are planning to adopt at the same time.

Whatever the case, it's been rumored that the inspiration for their pact is their shared concern over the future of their TLC reality series.

While the show has enjoyed decent ratings, numerous advertisers have cut ties with Counting On for fear of being associated with the Duggars' seemingly constant controversies.

Many initially assumed that part of the reason Jill and Jessa planned to get pregnant at the same time was to boost ratings.

Now, some fans are speculating that it's a desperate bid to avoid cancelation, which has of course led to rumors that the girls' parents are being pressuring them to coordinate their second pregnancies.

In any event, they're Duggars.

They were gonna get knocked up again soon, anyway.

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