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As you’ve probably heard by now, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up, and as with every Swift spilt, fans are full of questions.

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We may never know exactly what went wrong between Swift and Harris, but naturally, rumors abound on the Interwebs.

Yesterday, sources claimed that Swift was pressuring Harris into marriage, and he cut the cord because some wild stallions can’t be tamed (at least we like to imagine that’s what he said).

Today, People magazine is offering an up an equally likely scenario:

A source tells the magazine that like so many men before him, Calvin simply couldn’t handle Taylor’s success:

"[Harris] said on multiple occasions that he was intimidated by Taylor, which is why he would not attend any events where she was being honored, or any award shows unless he was nominated," says the insider.

"Taylor is an independent young woman, and she realizes it will take a very secure man to handle her success."

While the fact that Taylor is among the most popular human beings on the planet may have been the primary cause of the split, the insider says there were other factors as well:

"It wasn’t an equal relationship. Their age difference might not be significant for many couples, but for them it was part of the problem too. Taylor somewhat lacks real-life experience. They will not be getting back together." 

In the end of course, the source toed the party line and confirmed that Taylor and Calvin totes remain besties:

"She works incredibly hard for things that she believes in," the insider says. "He always saw that as an amazing quality. They are still friendly."

Uh-huh. Something tells us you won’t see them riding a tandem bike together in the near future.