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The Real Housewives of Dallas may be over for the season, but the drama for Brandi Redmond is just getting started.

The star revealed on the reunion special that aired on Monday night she and her husband have had some tough times since filming ended. 

Brandi Redmond On Watch What Happens Live Season 13

He didn’t like the way she acted when the camera crews were around. Early on the season, Brandi was seen dancing with a male stripper in a strip club. 

It’s a bit odd that a married woman would do that. Did she forget that cameras were following her every move?

Her husband, Bryan Redmond, no doubt felt betrayed about the way she was acting. She was obviously just putting on a show for the cameras, but there’s a line and she most certainly crossed it. 

To those who watch The Real Housewives of Dallas online, it was obvious that things were strained between the pair when he was scarcely featured in the back half of the first season of the show. 

Brandi was going to meet a a long-lost relative, but he was nowhere to be found. 

Brandi realizes that she was in the wrong and said that she’s threatened her husband with a divorce before, but she didn’t know just how much it hurt until her husband threw it at her. 

Wrote Redmond in her official blog:

“If I say the D word, he knows its not serious and it’s a pet peeve of his that I throw it out so loosely when I’m upset. I knew I hurt him when he told me he wanted a divorce and in return he hurt me by saying that.

"A divorce is not something I ever want and will fight for my marriage. I was open with sharing this part of my life because I realized how much the word divorce hurts."

Since filming concluded on the Bravo reality series, Brandi has been trying to get her marriage back to the way it was before she let cameras invade her family. 

The star has now realized that her marriage is more important than a reality show that isn’t exactly doing well in the ratings. 

She stated that Bravo has yet to issue contracts for a potential second season of the show, but there’s a chance she may not return.

“I felt that my relationship with all the ladies was in a good place. I didn’t want to stir the pot although things were popping in my head like crazy."

"I just felt that I was so lucky to be in a good place with everything in my life,” Redmond revealed in her blog. 

Even if Redmond does want to return to the show down the line, producers might not let her back if she doesn’t want to stir the pot. 

Shows like these rely heavily on pot stirrers, so having someone flat out refusing to do it will probably be a bitter pill to swallow.