Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian: 7-Figure TV Wedding EVENT in the Works!

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are gunning for a seven-figure wedding special with his Momager at the helm, a new report indicates.

Blac Chyna Lovingly Picks Something Off Rob Kardashian's Shirt

Previously, the controversial, expectant and newly-engaged couple had insisted that their upcoming nuptials would be a private affair.

Well, so much for that, TMZ reports this morning.

According to the celebrity news mainstay, RobChyna now wants a TV special for their wedding ... and wants the Kardashians present!

Do we even need to explain the motivation?

Original plans for a Rob and Blac Chyna reality show put the focus squarely on her pregnancy, with the wedding not part of the package.

That's because it will be its own TV event.

Kim Kardashian, as we know and Rob and Blac certainly know, scored millions of dollars from her ill-fated wedding to Kris Humphries.

Millions of dollars. For 72 days of marriage.

There's no way Rob and Blac kould kommand Kim Kardashian kash, but they feel they kan score what Kris got, which is still seven figures.

Hard to blame them for that rationale.

Incredibly, and yet not, Chyna is on board to let Kris Jenner handle the wedding planning and TV production elements of this bonanza.

Hey, she's a realist, and Kris is Kris.

After all, if there's anything the Jenner matriarch can do, it's bilk every last advertising dollar out of contrived, nonsensical family events.

If you can't beat her, join her, right?

There are also rumors that Kris cut a deal with Blac to stay married to Rob for a certain number of years in exchange for her services.

Hilarious as that sounds, it wouldn't surprise us given the disaster that was Kim and Kris' fairy tale wedding ... and the fact that it's Chyna.

These two are cute, sure, and his family has come around a bit in recent weeks once the initial furor over their courtship died down.

Still, does anyone really think this will last?

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