The Voice Recap: Can Anyone Stop Alisan Porter?

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The final four singers on The Voice went hard after the title last night on NBC. Who would emerge with the clearest path to the crown?

Adam and Laith

Each of the finalists sang three times Monday - one cover, an original single they wrote or co-wrote, and a duet with their star coaches.

With every coach bringing one protege to the finals, the stakes were high and it felt like anyone's game going in. But after the performances?

Let's break down how the top four did to close out Season 10:

Alisan Porter (Team Christina) sang “Down That Road” and was praised by her coach: “You are the epitome of The Voice… You deserve to win.”

Adam Wakefield (Team Blake) took on “Lonesome, Broken, and Blue” may have seemed a little corny, but it was full of meaning and heart.

Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam) performed “Morning Light” and his mentor called it a “charming Clapton moment” that showed off his talent.

Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell) belted out “I Call the Shots” and Adam praised it as “one of the coolest things we’ve seen on the show.

Soon it was duet time, and Adam Wakefield teamed up with mentor Blake Shelton to go old school with a performance of “The Conversation.”

While it was fun, Adam's solo performances did a much better job of showcasing his vocal range, artistry and true grit on this evening.

Laith Al-Saadi and Adam Levine got together for a medley of “Golden Slumbers” / “Carry That Weight” / “The End” and wow. Just wow.

It was pretty epic to watch Adam and Laith somehow complement each other so well and cover half a Beatles album in three minutes.

Then it was time for Alisan Porter and Christina Aguilera, who did not opt for a massive diva event, but instead sang “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Perhaps Christina didn't want to outshine her protege, and indeed, this felt like a match of vocal equals, friends, counterparts, and peers.

Pharrell Williams and Hannah Huston then teamed up for “Brand New," an original song of his that felt a bit incongruous for the pair.

Finally, it was time for covers, and Laith Al-Saadi got the ball rolling with Cream's “White Room” and he slayed it on vocals and guitar.

Hannah Huston's rendition of “Every Breath You Take," a jazzy, woman-scorned remake that was a bit of a risk but one she made work.

Adam Wakefield sang “When I Call Your Name,” a Vince Gill tune and a nice choice, but not something that really stood out from the pack.

Alisan Porter, conversely, seemed to put the exclamation mark on this season with her rendition of “Somewhere” that brought the house down.

It was a tour de force.

To quote Levine: “You are standing on top of the mountain right now, and I think rather than just pontificating, I’ll just say congratulations,”

To quote Xtina: “If anybody deserves to take the cake and be the winner of The Voice, it’s you… You’re an inspiration for everybody."

"Anybody that literally has a dream and wants a second chance” should look to Alisan, her coach says. Do you think the voters will agree?

You tell us: Can anyone stop Porter? Is Adam Wakefield the obvious runner-up with Laith Al-Saadi or Hannah Huston in third place tonight? 

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