Ruby Rose: Kicked Out of Restaurant After Throwing Fries at Bartender

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Ruby Rose was thrown out of a New Orleans restaurant after throwing French fries at a bartender following an altercation, reports Gossip Cop.

That part is true.

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But the accounts of what led to the ejection differ vastly.

Both the restaurant's owner Seung Hong and Rose have offered up their sides of the story for us to dissect and analyze.

Allow us to present the dichotomous explanations:

Restaurant owner's side of the story:

Seung claims that Rose and her friends showed up without a reservation on Friday night, but after recognizing her, found her a table in the busy restaurant within 15 minutes.

As far as we know, Rose's alleged new girlfriend Nina Dobrev was not in attendance.

When the appetizers took 40 minutes to arrive and were followed by the entrees 10 minutes later, Rose threw a fit.

After the waiter failed to diffuse the situation, Hong intervened and offered to comp her appetizers plus throw in a round of drinks, which she refused.

Hong claims Rose was "losing her cool" and said she would kick his ass if she were bigger.

At some point, the bartender offered a round of drinks, but Rose responded by cursing him out and throwing French fries at him.

Hong described Rose as a "horrible person" and said it was the first time he's ever had to ask someone to leave.

Ruby Rose's side of the story:

The Orange Is the New Black star gave her version on Facebook, referring to the incident as "Fry-day the 13th."

Rose, who was grabbing a bite at the eatery before a deejaying gig in the city, said she waited for the appetizers for 60 minutes and 90 minutes for "food that actually never arrived."

When she asked about it, the bartender offered drinks, which she declined because she is sober.

The bartender responded with some "really rude and vulgar comments," and it hit a nerve.

"When someone makes repeated derogatory jokes about the sobriety I worked so hard to achieve, it's hard not to react emotionally," she wrote.

"So I threw a singular fry at him," she continued. "Then he came back as we were getting ready to leave and continued making awful comments, so I continued with the fries."

She went on to say she regrets her behavior, but we're not sure if she's apologizing to the French fry or she just made a typo.

"I am deeply regretful to the French fry and I am regretful that I reacted at all," she wrote.

"Maybe next time I won’t throw fries, then again, maybe next time that bartender won’t tell someone who is sober to “go call your f**king sponsor!”


Rose went on to say she worked in hospitality for five years as has deep respect for service industry staff plus mad love for New Orleans and offered dinner at her place next time.

In the past, Rose has had no problems defending herself and her friends, such as when she went off on Kanye West for his misogynistic comments about Taylor Swift.

But let's face it, Kanye deserved that.

As with most stories, it's impossible to know who's right, but I think we can all agree the real tragedy here is all those fries that went to waste.

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