13 Hottest Ruby Rose Photos: Nude, Lewd and Tattooed

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As a model, DJ and MTV host, Ruby Rose has been a celebrity in her native Australia for years.

But American audiences are just now getting to know the tattooed beauty as Litchfield's newest inmate on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

Some of you celebrity gossip junkies might remember when Ruby hooked up with Demi Lovato back in 2013, but most folks met her for the first time in a loose-fitting prison-issue jumpsuit that she somehow made sexier than lingerie.

If you've wondering what Ruby looks like when she's not rocking that fugly shade of federal-issue khaki, then you're in luck, because Ms. Rose has posed for some seriously risque pics over the years and we've assembled the best of the lot for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Ruby Rose Underwear Photo

Ruby Rose Underwear Photo
One of Ruby's modeling pics. It's not hard to see why Ms. Rose's character is so popular in a women's prison.

2. Ruby Rose: Topless Tan Lines

Ruby Rose: Topless Tan Lines
Ruby posted this pic to complain about a sunburn. Frankly, we're not seeing much to complain about.

3. Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black

Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black
Ruby her appearance on Orange is the New Black with this photo. She manages to make a baggy prison jumpsuit look hot.

4. Ruby Rose: Naked For Maxim

Ruby Rose: Naked For Maxim
Ruby posed nude for the latest issue of Maxim Australia. She's got nothing but a hand covering her down under.

5. Ruby Rose Topless

Ruby Rose Topless
Ruby posted this topless selfie to Instagram. Unfortunately, it's in line with the site's no-nudity policy.

6. Ruby Sips a Mocktail

Ruby Sips a Mocktail
Ruby posted a photo of herself with a drink. She noted in the caption, however, that it's an alcohol-free "cocktail." Lame.

7. Ruby With Claws

Ruby With Claws
Ruby at a restaurant in LA. Someone should tell her she's on the wrong coast for that Yankees hat.

8. Ruby Rose and Crazy Eyes

Ruby Rose and Crazy Eyes
Ruby posing with Uzo Aduba. Hopefully, these two will have some screen time together next season.

9. Ruby Rose Modeling

Ruby Rose Modeling
Ruby doing what made her famous. Though she's just now blowing up in the States, she's been a famous model and TV personality in her native Australia for years.

10. Ruby Rose in Black-and-White.

Ruby Rose in Black-and-White.
Orange is the new black-and-white. Or something. Anyway, Ruby looks gorgeous here, as always.

11. Ruby Rose & Girlfriend

Ruby Rose & Girlfriend
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, Ruby is taken. Here she is with her fashion designer girlfriend.

12. Ruby Rose Selfie

Ruby Rose Selfie
Even when she's wearing a turtleneck sweater this girl can't cover up all her tattoos. Now that's commitment to ink.

13. Ruby Rose: Smoking

Ruby Rose: Smoking
Ruby is smoking here. She's also enjoying a cigar. Ha! See what we did there?

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