Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Did They Split Because She Wanted Kids?

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As you may have heard, Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, which means the wild speculation about drove the couple apart after just 15 months of marriage can officially commence!

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Attempting to figure out what went wrong with Amber and Johnny is especially fun because there's a laundry list of options to choose from:

Was it Johnny's drinking? The age difference? The fact that Amber has the screen presence of wet rag, yet clearly thought Depp would be her ticket to A-list stardom?

We may never know for sure, and the truth is that it was a probably combination of factors that led the couple to split.

That said, an interesting new theory has emerged regarding what may have been the final straw, and some insiders claim there's little doubt in Jonny's mind as to why Amber flew the coop:

“Johnny and Amber were at odds with each other because she wanted a baby, but he didn’t want to be an old dad,” a source close to the couple told Radar Online.

“Johnny was slightly open to the idea of adopting a kid that’s 8 or 9, but Amber wants a child that’s hers."

Seems like the sort of thing most couples would work out before they walked down the aisle, but we could see there being some truth to this one.

Depp was reportedly on the fence about having kids in his younger years.

He has a son and daughter with former partner Vanessa Paradis who are now both in their teens, and we imagine he's eager to get back to slurring and staggering when he's not in character as Captain Jack.

Infants can really interfere with your heavy drinking, ya know?

As for the fact that Amber filed docs to end her marriage just days after Johnny's mom died, some insiders have suggested that it had something to do with the fact that Depp's family "hated" Heard, and they gave her the cold shoulder when everyone was assembled for Mama Depp's final days.

Now Amber is saying that's not the case, and she got along with Depp's family from day one. 

So yeah, we may never find out exactly what went wrong, but hey - at least that means we get to keep playing the speculation game!

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