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If Kylie Jenner was trying to keep her romance with PartyNextDoor on the down low, she isn’t anymore.

Kylie Jenner with a Tan
Party Next Door, aka Jahron Brathwaite

The new couple were spotted on a bowling date this week, and she even allowed PND to Snapchat the event.

The rapper took a video of Kylie approaching the lane and throwing the ball wearing black pants, a black crop top and an oversized jacket.

However, she may have had a change of heart about going public with him, because he deleted the snaps a few hours later.

But come on, they knew if those snaps went up for even 30 seconds someone would capture them, as HollywoodLife did.

Kylie Jenner bowling
Kylie Jenner bowls

They’re blurry, but they’re Kylie.

We’re glad to see she’s having some good, wholesome fun with this new chap, like an 18-year-old should.

Kylie moved on fairly quickly since her breakup with Tyga, which we suspect happened less than a month ago.

Cameras first spotted the reality star with PND last week leaving the All Def Comedy Live show in Hollywood, and sources confirmed the romance days later, saying they were "definitely dating."

As for Tyga, he is reportedly dating a model named Demi Rose, who bears a striking resemblance to Kylie. No surprise there.

Some sources have claimed that Kylie is pissed off that Tyga is dating again so soon and is using PND to get back at him.

Isn’t that typical of the gossip rags? 

Couple breaks up, guy dates model, woman pines. CAN WE BE ANY MORE TRITE?

Kylie is the one with the money, fame and fans, and Tyga’s more or less a loser who can’t pay his bills. Kylie’s likely glad to be rid of the dead weight.

That’s what I’d like to think, anyway. Party on, Kylie!