Jill & Jessa Duggar: Trying to Get Pregnant at the Same Time!

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On last night's season finale of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the Duggar girls continued their Central American family reunion.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for the topic of babies to come up. (These are Duggar women we're talking about, after all.)

In one scene, the sisters visited an orphanage near Jill and Derick's home in El Salvador.

At that point, they spoke only vaguely of future plans to expand their respective broods, but even so, the scene gave rise to rumors that Jessa is planning to adopt in the very near future.

As usual, the girls kept relatively mum when asked about when they expect to bring more Dillards and Seewalds into the world.

They did hint, however, that the next time they get knocked up, they plan to be pregnancy-buddies.

"Which of the two of you will have your second child first?," a producer asked the girls at one point.

It's hard to say," Jessa says, shooting a knowing smile at her older sister.

"I think we will probably be pregnant at the same time," Jill offers. "But to say who will be first, well Israel is older... so we will see." 

The ladies act as though the idea of simultaneous gestation periods just popped into their minds at that moment, but their poker faces aren't the greatest, and we'd be willing to bet this isn't the first time they've had this conversation.

But though they're clearly planning to pop out some more kids the old-fashioned way (Some fans believe Jill is pregnant with her second child already.), it seems the two most famous Duggar daughters are both planning to adopt.

"I'm not pregnant yet, that's the question everyone keeps asking me. Not yet," Jill says at one point.

"I feel like we will have another child. I just don't know how. It will probably be a naturalized citizen of the family." 

Jessa was more forthcoming when discussing her future plans:

“We have many friends who have walked this road, so we have seen firsthand the amazing power of adoption," she tells fans.

"There are so many kids out there who are longing for the love of a family, and we feel strongly about opening our hearts and our home to welcome them in."

So it sounds like you can expect synchronized Duggar pregnancies at some point, but prior to that it seems that one or both of the girls will be adopting.

Watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online to relive both girls' first years of motherhood.

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