January Jones Bathes With & Moisturizes 4-Year-Old Son: Weird or Whatever?

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It's been a while since January Jones' name has been mentioned in celebrity gossip circles.

January Jones at the 2015 Emmys

She's carved out a decent career for herself post-Mad Men with a steady role on the criminally underrated Fox sitcom The Last Man on Earth, and based on her social media presence she enjoys a pretty quiet personal life.

January briefly dated Will Forte, her LMOE co-star (and boss), but they remained friends (and she kept her job) after the relationship fizzled.

Shortly thereafter, there were rumors of Jones dating Jon Hamm, and she got caught up in all that Bobby Flay cheating drama (You might say she was a side dish. #ChefBurn!), but as far as we can tell, she's still single and focusing on being a mom these days.

But don't think she's not bringing plenty of WASP-y Betty Draper weirdness into 4-year-old Xander's life.

Check out some of JanJo's comments from a recent interview and ask yourself if the toddler in your life is moisturized enough:

"I like having my baths, and he takes them with me,” Jones recently told People magazine. 

"I’m really strict about getting him moisturized...I may be over-grooming him. I don’t know!”

Is it kind of a weird thing to say? Absolutely.

Are we surprised? Not in the slightest.

We've always suspected there are some serious eccentricities aching to break free from that pretty blonde facade.

Strict About Moisturizing should be the title of Jones' memoirs, which should be scrawled entirely in lipstick on tear-stained pages.

Is it weird that she treats her 4-year-old like he should be out grabbing orange mocha Frappuccinos with Derek Zoolander? Yeah, kinda.

But something tells us that doesn't even crack the top ten list of strange things January does on a daily basis.

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