Future Slams Blac Chyna: We're NOT Dating!!!

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Yesterday, we reported that Blac Chyna is dating Future, and the relationship is already so serious that she got his name tattooed on her hand.

Apparently this was news to Future, who took to social media today to assure the world that he's single and has no idea why Blac decided to get inked with his nom de rap.

Back to Blac

"Single & focusing on what makes me happy," Future tweeted today. "Satisfying my fans with great vibes & waves is the turnup...winning...U know I dnt f--k wit no rumors."

He definitely made his point clear, but Future was far from finished.

The man then took to instagram, where he posted this confusing diss:

"Fuck what ppl say. Everybody know ratchet p--sy is the best!!! #Teamblacchyna"

So he's "Team Blac Chyna" and she's "the best," but she's also ratchet?

It's not often that Blac remains silent when she's at the center of some hot gossip, so we're guessing the news that Future is a single man came as quite a surprise to her.

We feel for her, but at the same time, she should've really thought twice before getting that tatt.

You would think getting dumped for Kylie Jenner would make you a bit more cautious in your relationships.

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