Leah Messer: Jealous of Brooke Wehr?!

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On last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer got hammered and flirted with Jeremy Calvert.

Sounds relatively innocent, but her actions were problematic for at least two reasons:

  1. Leah just went to rehab last year (She finished treatment a few months before the episode was filmed.), and she should probably give her sobriety a chance to take hold before she does any boozing.
  2. Leah and Jeremy are divorced, having parted ways after a brief, disastrous marriage that took a serious emotional toll on Messer.

In fact, these two are so over that Jeremy has been dating Brooke Wehr for almost a year.

Judging by their social media accounts, Jeremy and Brooke started getting serious several months ago - right around the time Calvert and Messer enjoyed their boozy night on the town.

That may explain why Jeremy wasn't getting quite as...uh, friendly as Leah.

It may also explain why Leah seemed ready to dump T.R. Dues and welcome Jeremy back into her life on the spot. 

Anyone who's closely observed Ms. Messer's behavior over the past seven seasons knows that saying she's the jealous type would be putting it very mildly.

Many fans on Twitter speculated that Leah was so flirty with Jeremy simply because she's jealous of his new relationship.

There's no concrete evidence to verify that theory, but this is Hot Messer herself we're talking about. 

If there's unhealthy destructive behavior to engage in, she's probably on it.

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