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When you first heard that Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund had called off their engagement, you were probably filled with questions, such as: Kirsten Dunst was engaged? or, Who the hell is Garrett Hedlund?

Fortunately, we’ve got answers, and just like the second season of True Detective, those answers involve Colin Farrell and will probably just leave you feeling more confused than ever.

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Colin Farrell Image
(John Phillips)

According to Star magazine, Dunst left Hedlund for Farrell, whom she’s been seeing on the down-low for several months.

The tabloids source on this is…some dude who works at a gym in LA:

“Kirsten and Colin have shown up together a few times and sometimes he picks her up after her private sessions,” quoth the dude. “If they really are just working out together, why act so secretive about it?"

Obviously, based on that intel, it’s possible that Kirsten and Colin are just friends.

It’s also possible that she and Garrett have been over for longer than we realize, and Kirsten is keeping her relationship Colin a secret simply because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s broken her 12-year-old vow to abstain from Farrell peen:

“He’s that drunken boy, right?" Kirsten said of Farrell in a 2004 interview. "Well, he’s not going to have [sex] with me. I don’t even think he’s that great looking.”

Of course, that was when Kirsten was at the height of her career.

These days she’s probably more like, "Sure, he’s an ugly drunk, but can he get me an audition?"

If you’re keeping score at home that’s two Colin Farrell love triangles in the past year.

It’s late in his career, but he’s still putting up big numbers.