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Khloe Kardashian started out with good intentions, but, unsurprisingly, wound up in hell.

The reality star reportedly called a meeting with her brother Rob Kardashian and his fiance Blac Chyna in an attempt to repair her relationship with the couple.

Khloe Kardashian blond
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at strip club

“Khloe invited Rob and Blac over because she is just really sick of this bullsh*t drama,” a source told Radar.

“She wanted to make amends to her brother and she told him that Blac must come with him, because she needed to put this behind her once and for all.”

The two accepted her invitation, but once there, the mood turned sour quickly.

“Khloe and Blac Chyna got into a screaming match because Blac Chyna told Khloe that she turned her back on her own brother and that she was more concerned with her own image that she was with Rob’s happiness,” said the source.

Khloe did not take kindly to the accusation and fired back.

“Khloe told Blac that she felt like she was using Rob to get back at Kylie for dating her ex, Tyga, and that she thought the whole thing was just ridiculous,” the source continued.

Khloe has been going through her own relationship turmoil of late and is reportedly getting set to file for divorce from Lamar Odom, who has fallen off the wagon in recent weeks.

It’s possible she’s trying to protect her brother from a similar fate. Like Rob, Khloe got engaged to Lamar after a very short courtship.

However, Khloe finally came around and made nice with the two.

“After meeting with the two of them face-to-face, Khloe realizes that they are actually in love,” the source said. “She calmed down and she apologized to the both of them.”

And now you can all sleep better tonight.