JoJo Fletcher: Quitting The Bachelorette Due to Diva Demands?!

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We know who The Bachelorette spoilers claim JoJo Fletcher's favorite is this season, but might there not be a final rose winner at all?

If you believe ridiculous supermarket tabloid gossip ... maybe!

While spoilers answering the question of who does JoJo Fletcher pick are already circulating, a new report in Life & Style claims this answer:

Herself! In the Kelly Taylor "I choose me" sense of course.

That's right, this celebrity gossip source, asserts that she is not nearly the sweet, kind girl next door she pretended to be on The Bachelor.

Rather, she's been making the lives of the cast and crew a living hell - and has threatened to quit the show and not film any more dates!

An insider close to The Bachelorette dished to Life & Style:

“The fame and attention definitely fed JoJo’s ego ... [Fletcher] wouldn’t accept anything less than what she asked for." 

How so? What does that allegedly mean?

If her requirements weren’t met, well ...

JoJo "told ABC she would quit.”

Somehow, we doubt it L&S.

Seriously, come on. But in the interest of paragraphs, the tabloid alleges that JoJo made it very clear that she was calling the shots.

That included vetoing some guys from joining the show if they weren’t tall, dark-haired, and wealthy enough for her sky-high standards.

The insider went onto say that Fletcher "wanted to be treated like a queen. She’s starting to get a reputation as a demanding diva!”

While it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for someone in her position to develop an ego, we still aren't buying this for a minute.

What about you? Think there's any truth to it? Should producers have stuck with Caila Quinn? And will JoJo's journey for love be a success?

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