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Filming for the coming season is still underway, but The Bachelorette spoilers reveal who JoJo Fletcher selects as her final five contestants.

And, very possibly, who she has already picked as the winner …

JoJo doesn’t debut in the lead role until Monday, May 23.

If course, if you know anything at all about the long-running ABC reality franchise, you know The Bachelorette spoilers leak like a sieve.

Ever since Ben Higgins rejected JoJo for Lauren Bushnell on The Bachelor finale, speculation has run wild regarding Fletcher’s season.

Not surprisingly, the Oracle himself, Reality Steve, is at the center of it all, and he’s pegged the frontrunner in 2016 from the very start.

Yes … Donald Trump has quite the commanding lead.

We kid. Sorry. Wells Adams, Luke Pell, James Taylor, Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes make it to the coveted final five, per Steve.

From there? It’s unclear. As of this report, JoJo is expected to have one more rose ceremony in Argentina before returning stateside.

The crazy part? We’re already hearing talk of who wins.

Or who will win. Even before the coveted hometown visits and the overnights in the Fantasy Suites narrow the field, she has her favorite:

Jordan Rogers. Brother of NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, the word on the street (or in this case, the mysteriously accurate Bachelorette spoilers blog) says she’s been sweet on him from the get-go.

JoJo Fletcher: The Bachelorette!
Jordan Rodgers Pic
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She’s all but informed production that he is the right man for her, and is just going through the motions/fulfilling her contract. Supposedly.

Steve implicitly predicts that the odds of Jordan Rodgers not making it the final two are negligible, and he’s got a strong track record.

Not just in general, in terms of picking season winners.

Halfway through last season, he told us that Ben Higgins was all about Lauren Bushnell and had all but made up his mind at that point.

Fast forward to the finale? Ben and Lauren got engaged!

This season, similarly, is the JoJo and Jordan show, and it’s plain as day to anyone there. Now, of course, two things are worth noting:

  1. She hasn’t actually held the final rose ceremony yet, and could well change her mind based on a number of factors;
  2. The editors of The Bachelorette are as skilled as any when it comes to manufacturing "storylines" to keep us riveted.

Remember Ben Higgins’ inner turmoil about being in love with TWO women and actually dropping the L-bomb to their respective faces?

This was unprecedented in show history, and gave producers a terrific angle for the back half of the season … which ended as predicted.

Bottom line: You will see plenty of misdirection, misleading editing, subterfuge and red herrings no matter what happens this summer.

JoJo may yet change her mind and not pick Jordan Rodgers, but until we hear conclusively that she does a 180, that’s the guy to watch.

A former Vanderbilt star and undrafted NFL quarterback, Jordan may be less successful than brother Aaron, but he has this going for him:

He’s way hotter than Rodgers doppelganger Derick Dillard.