Farrah Abraham: Sophia's Opening Her Own Fashion Boutique!

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Sophia Abraham is one business-savvy seven-year-old.

While her mom Farrah Abraham makes a business of pissing people off at every turn, the little girl is getting ready to open up her own fashion boutique.

Farrah & Sophia Abraham: Front Row at Bound To The Crown Show

"What I'm most proud of is Sophia is really into fashion," Farrah told People magazine.

"She's opening up her own Sophia Laurent boutique store in Austin, Texas," the Teen Mom OG star announced. "She's mentioned in New York Fashion Week. She's in children model magazines." 

"I'm so proud of Sophia and that doesn't even really impact her real life. She's just been so successful on her own so that's just awesome to me."

Mama bear makes it sound as though Sophia is doing all this on her own, and that Farrah's not pulling the strings at all.

We're trying to envision Sophia in a power suit negotiating with venture capitalists, but it kinda sounds like a poorly scripted Nickelodeon show.

In February, Farrah took her daughter to New York Fashion Week. Sophia looked adorable but some fans criticized her mom for allowing her to wear makeup at such a young age.

"This is Sophia’s first Fashion Week,” Farrah Abraham told Us Weekly.

Due to a late flight, the tot was unable to walk in the Bound by the Crown fashion show, but she was able to score a front row seat and wear an outfit designed by Game of Crowns star Susanna Paliotta.

We wish Sophia the best of luck in her new venture.

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