Farrah Abraham: Criticized For Photo of Daughter Sophia

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Farrah Abraham has made a number of questionable parenting decisions over the years, but few have outraged fans quite like her latest photo of 7-year-old daughter Sophia.

Sophia Abraham in Makeup

If you watched Teen Mom Season 12 Episode 7 this week, you know there was some controversy regarding Sophia's "decision" to wear makeup at school.

Not content to simply piss off fans through television, Farrah tweeted the above photo as the episode was airing, along with a caption reading, “Don't hate on #Hair #Makeup @MTV So cute.”

It seems a bit like Farrah is using her daughter to troll her social media followers, but maybe she just wanted to share her pride over her little girl's first controversy on social media.

Whatever the case, people were not pleased. 

"Let your daughter be a child. She shouldn't wear make up period," wrote one commenter.

“Totally agree 100%, only wear it if she's playing around at HOME!” wrote another.

Yes, it was the biggest Sophia moment since the girl slapped Farrah on an episode of Teen Mom.

And again, most of the criticism centered around the fact that Farrah seems more concerned with fame and being her daughter's friend than with being a mom.

You can put makeup on her all you want, Farrah, it's still gonna be at least a decade before Sophia is ready to get photographed at the hottest clubs with you.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive all of Farrah's iffy parenting decisions,

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