Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran: Back Together?!

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If you're a fan of sex tape and occasional reality star Farrah Abraham (And who isn't?!) you probably remember her relationship with Simon Saran.

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

Farrah and Simon dated for several months last year, and much of the relationship was documented for Teen Mom cameras.

Simon is perhaps best remembered for the awkward scene in which Farrah forced him to "bond" with daughter Sophia by making them both sit in the backseat during a car ride.

The tumultuous relationship ended as Farrah's romances always do - badly - so many fans were surprised to see the two of them walking the red carpet at last night's 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

But despite appearances to the contrary, Farrah says there's nothing going on between her and Simon:

“We’re growing up. We have so much to do in our relationship, but we’re here as friends today,”

Confusingly, however, Farrah noted that she wishes she were engaged to her "friend."

“I already wished [an engagement] would happen, but no," Farrah told reporters. when asked about wedding rumors.

Earlier this year, rumors that Farrah was pregnant by Saran began to circulate online, so in all likelihood, this was just Ms. Abraham's way of stirring the pot and keeping the attention coming.

Say what you will about the girl - she knows how to stay in the spotlight.

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