Farrah Abraham to Simon Saran: You're a Bad Influence, B-TCH!

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Farrah Abraham may have briefly gotten back together with BF Simon Saran, but from the looks of this clip, it did or (or will not) take.

The new season of Teen Mom OG premieres Monday night on MTV, and the network released this new sneak peek with a fitting title:

"Dinner Date From Hell."

We've already seen Farrah go off on a producer and Abraham berating mom Debra in previous clips from the much-anticipated premiere.

Now we get to see her in an even more uncomfortable back-and-forth as Simon suggests that the couple work on their erratic relationship.

“I think we need to kind of understand each other more,” he suggests, which out of context, seems reasonable ... only she flips out.

Replies Abraham, with obligatory profanity:

“Wow, f--king open up your ears and understand and listen [to] what I’m saying. You ignore people’s feelings, then you want to move forward.”

Saran had a response, we think, but you can't really hear him with Farrah constantly cutting him off. It's awkward. Finally he says:

“I’m trying to explain something to you, but you come out with a hostile answer, and you just don’t listen ... you don’t let me finish.”

“I’m sorry for interrupting, bitch,” Abraham snaps.

Simon then cuts to the chase in what may have led to the tension initially: “Don’t ever tell me that I’m a bad influence on your daughter.”

“You have been,” Farrah insists.

Incredulous, her beau likely wonders how he even got here. “I have no idea how I have been. I barely see the kid,” Simon Saran replies.

“‘The kid’?!” Abraham recoils, appalled.

“My daughter, her name is Sophia!”

That it is ... and the poor thing will likely watch Teen Mom online one day. One can only imagine how she'll react when she does.

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