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As a rule, when Emily Ratajkowski gets naked, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the view.

But surprisingly, some folks are able to pick their jaws up off the floor long enough to question why EmRat is gracing us with the sight of her nude figure.

Emily Ratajkowski Naked Selfie

Last month, Ratajkowski took a naked selfie as a show of support for her fellow naked selfie enthusiast Kim Kardashian.

That was followed by a photo of Emily and Kim posing topless together in a show of feminine solidarity.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having a problem with that, but unfortunately, the Internet is a beast that feeds on outrage – and it’s always hungry.

Emily was subjected to a barrage of moronic comments after posting the pics.

Some of them even posited the ridiculous argument that because she’s a model, she has no place commenting on issues like fat-shaming and body positivity.

Thankfully, Ms. Ratajkowski is more than just a pretty face (and smokin’ physique), and she fired back with a series of insightful tweets:

"On anther note: re nude selfies & the politics of my physicality & sexuality: The politics of my body and figure are not my problem.

"I am not shamed or apologetic of what my body might represent to you…It’s the body I was given. I’m no less wrthy of making pltical pnts abt feminism or fighting for the reclaiming of female sexuality bc of it."

"However sexual our bodies may be, we need to hve the freedom as women to choose whn & how we express our sexuality."

Well said, Emily. Now feel free to post more nudity.