Chyna Probably Overdosed on Ambien and Valium, Manager Claims

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Anthony Anzaldo discovered his client's lifeless body inside her Rendondo Beach home on April 20th.

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The manager believes that former wrestler Chyna died from a combination of sleeping aid Ambien and Valium, used to treat anxiety (Anzaldo said she battled insomnia most of her life)

With the toxicology report still pending, Anzaldo says "it's a 98 percent certainty and 2 percent speculation," according to the Associated Press.

Though Chyna did have a history of drinking, Anzaldo confirmed that he found no alcohol in her home when she died.

He did, however, say she had been "self-medicating a little bit more than she should have" due to personal issues.

Chyna was seeing a psychiatrist for the first time, regularly attended a women's domestic violence support group, and visited her estranged father's grave.

"A lot was going on in her life emotionally," Anzaldo explained in defense of his client.

"But she wasn't depressed; it was just a lot to deal with. She accidentally, over the course of two or three weeks, misused her legally prescribed medication."

Still, he doesn't believe toxicologists are going to be shocked by what they uncover.

"They're not going to find, like, 60 pills in her stomach," he said.

Speculation has pointed towards an overdose since the 46-year-old's death, which comes at a time when she was looking to rebuild her life and get back into show business.

Chyna recorded a video of herself in the weeks before her death, in which she seemed disoriented and a bit out of it.

Watch the video below.

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