21 WWE Wrestlers Who Died Way Too Young

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When Joanie Laurer died in April of 2016, she continued a very sad trend within the world of professional wrestling.

As documented below, far too many men and women from this industry have passed away at a very young age.

We send our condolences to their loved ones while we rundown this very sad list of superstars...

1. Chyna

Chyna (real name: Joanie Laurer) battled substance abuse and starred in a number of adult movies before being found dead in her home at the age of 45.

2. Chris Kanyon

Chris Kanyon
At the age of 40, not long after coming out as gay, Chris Kanyon tragically committed suicide by overdosing on antidepressants.

3. Sean O'Haire

Sean O'Haire
Sean O'Haire also committed suicide, for him by hanging. He was 43 years old.

4. Mike Awesome

Mike Awesome
Mike Awesome was the first WCW wrestler to win a title as part of the WWE invasion angle. He hanged himself at age 42

5. Sensational Sherri

Sensational Sherri
The beloved manager was inducted into WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, but was found dead from a drug overdose at age 49.

6. Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin
Known as "Test" in the ring, Martin was released from the WWE after being suspended for a Wellness Policy violation and died of an accidental overdose on pills just before his 34th birthday.

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