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For anyone concerned about the state of Britney Spear’s abs, their current status is: flat.

Ms. Spears recently posted a photo to Instagram of herself in a crop top, and all her fans went, "DAMN."

Britney Spears in crop top

Britney’s been positively ab-happy on social media over the past few weeks, and I would be too if my midsection looked like that. It’s got the indentation lines and shadows in all the right places, all worthy of earning temporary praise from the internet.

Last month, critics just didn’t believe the pop princess when she shared a bikini photo showcasing a waistline and lower back curve we’ve thus far seen only on Barbie (vintage, unattainable-body-standards Barbie, not the new real people Barbies).

Critics were quick to cry, "Photoshop!" but the mom of two shut them down with another pic of her taut tummy.

It appeared to be her way of saying "Suck it, haters, my body is legit."

Throughout her career, fans have kept close watch on the the singer’s weight, which has fluctuated over the years like that of pretty much all living beings.

Nevertheless, she’s continually charged with living up to the body she had when she sashayed around in a school girl’s outfit in her debut "Baby One More Time" video at age 16.

As far as we can tell, at the present time, she’s giving body shamers nothing to talk about.

Britney Spears in crop top