Ariel Winter: Boobs and Booze on Instagram!

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Ariel Winter is gaining quite the following on Instagram these days, but we're guessing her newfound popularity doesn't have a whole lot to do with her acting skills...

Ariel Winter Cleavage Pic

That's a photo Ariel posted yesterday, and as you might've guessed, most of the comments are about two things.

Yes, obviously we're talking about the margaritas. 

Ariel captioned the pic, "Legal frozen margarita with the sister." She's only 18 but she's in Paris at the moment, so there's no need to obsess over this photo, everyone!

We kid, of course. The real reason this pic has racked up 56,000 likes is Ariel's boobs.

In the wake of her breast reduction surgery, the Modern Family star has been favoring a much more cleavagey look, and the Internet has responded the way it always responds to breasts.

This one hasn't gone as viral as the photo of Ariel in a low-cut dress on Easter Sunday, but don't worry - the comments section is still filled with grown-ups having serious discussions about an 18-year-old girl's boobs.

Hey, if you're a celebrity, creepy attention is better than no attention.

Even if your show is a hit, it can be tough to make the jump from actress on an ensemble sitcom to household name.

We're guessing Ariel doesn't mind getting a little help from her girls.

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