Tyga and Friends Caught Threatening Female Fan With a Gun?!

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We've always known Tyga is more than a little sketchy, but his latest antics may have just brought him to a new low.

Tyga and His Chain

The photo above was taken during the rapper's night out with Kylie Jenner on Saturday.

The evening already earned some attention on social media thanks to a video of Tyga grabbing Kylie's ass that circulated over the weekend.

The clip stirred up some light controversy (Just because Kylie is legal now that doesn't mean the relationship isn't creepy.), but it quickly blew over.

Now, however, Tyga has come under fire for his behavior at the end of the night, and this scandal likely won't be as quickly forgotten.

A photo taken just moments before the pic above shows a friend of Tyga's pointing a gun at a female fan who had stopped to take a selfie with him.

At the time the photo was taken, the rapper may not have been aware that someone in the backseat was brandishing a weapon, but he clearly realized it at some point, as he cropped the gun before posting the image on Instagram.

Not surprisingly, upset fans have been voicing their disapproval on both Tyga and Kylie's social media pages.

Thus far, neither party has offered any response.

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