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How many times has the following situation happened to you?

You go into a 7-Eleven. You purchase a Slurpee. And you think to yourself: Man, I really wish I could eat this delicacy instead of drink it!

Well… good news! Now you can!

Select 7-Eleven locations around the country are now offering the Wild Cherry Slurpee Doughnut, a cake-based dessert item that retails for 99 cents.

For this bargain of a price, you can enjoy a treat that is topped with wild cherry-flavored icing and pink sugar crystals, while also featuring a pink inside with cherry pieces.

Purchase it instead of a Slurpee!

Purchase it and a Slurpee and dunk your doughnut in your Slurpee!

The possibilities are endless. Or, to be more accurate, we just listed the two most realistic possibilities.

Instagram users who have tried this item have so far said "it tastes bad" and the "icing is weird as hell its like eating crystals."

Will you give it a try? Why or why not?

Consider whether to include the Slurpee Doughnut on your menu and then scroll through the following photo gallery to see where it ranks among all-time terrible food ideas: