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It’s good to be Scott Disick.

When the Lord wants his nails did, he’ll be damned if he heads over to Beautiful Nail in the strip mall next to Big O Tires – he makes the glam squad come to him.

He told us as much in his latest Instagram post, in which he receives a professional mani-pedi in the comfort of his own home.

Scott Disick gets a mani-pedi

"When they come 2 u," he wrote in the caption, then included the little manicured hand emoji.

Listen, I ain’t mad at him. I can appreciate a man who pays attention to his cuticles.

Plus, if I had his money I’d have someone on callous detail at least once a week, and I’d probably even have one of those Brookstone shiatsu massage chairs that poorly target your pressure points while I’m at it.

But the way he’s bragging about it on Instagram is just a hair obnoxious.

Not only did he have these good people come out and tend to his toe jams, he told someone to snap a photo in the act and then point out on social media that he has servants waiting on him hand and foot – literally.

But hey, maybe he’s got a big club appearance this weekend and doesn’t want his nail beds looking jacked. Or maybe he has another hot date with his ex Kourtney Kardashian!

Not that Kourt would look twice at Scott’s pedi. Word has it she’s still having fun with Justin Bieber. Wait – or is it Quincy Brown

Hard to keep track these days.