Lamar Odom Drinking Again; Friends Concerned, Khloe Kardashian "Helpless"

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Lamar Odom thinks he can drink whenever he wants, leaving those close to him - Khloe Kardashian included - feeling helpless and alarmed.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom on Easter

As we reported earlier, just a few months after a near-death experience in a Nevada brothel, Lamar was drinking before church on Easter.

It's a development that is both shocking - that the star came back from the brink, only to temptations again - and not at the same time.

Sources close to Odom say he feels he can "casually drink" again without consequences, which is why he hit up an Irish pub last weekend.

There, Lamar consumed three Remy Martins ... the very same liquor he drank in the Nevada brothel the weekend he nearly died last fall.  

Friends and family alike aren't buying his "casual drinking" rationale and  are obviously worried that he's heading down a dark path again.

Odom's boozing is creating tension between the former NBA pro and wife Khloe Kardashian, who has publicly vowed to help him recover.

Like everyone else close to him and any sane person for that matter, the reality star strongly disagrees with his choice to start drinking.

TMZ claims Odom was adamant about going to church on Easter to publicly show he could function normally and actively after boozing.

Still, a source close to him summed it up best to the site:

"We all are really, really sad he's decided to do this."

Khloe, in particular, seems despondent over it.

In typically cryptic, emotional fashion, she Tweeted to her 19 million followers without elaborating, "I hate this feeling ... Helpless."

Not hard to read between the lines there.

Karadshian also re-tweeted posts by minister and TV personality Joel Osteen which could easily be applied to her situation. Such as:

"When something doesn’t work out your way, it doesn’t mean God has failed you. It means He’s planning something better."

She also re-tweeted: "When you have faith despite how the situation looks, God will move heaven and earth to do what He promised."

Powerful words. But when it comes to Odom, who - when he's not at the bar - continues his recovery at a facility near Khloe's residence?

That faith she speaks of finds itself seriously strained, and is likely to face more difficult tests if Lamar's depressing behavior continues. 

It's hard not to feel for her.

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