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Yesterday, Rob Kardashian turned 29, and he celebrated his birthday with Blac Chyna and her 3-year-old son at Legoland outside of San Diego.

That sounds nice and all, but it seems that Rob may have forgotten he had a prior engagement:

Rob Kardashian... Smiling!
Kris Jenner: Keeping Up

It’s a known fact that Kris Jenner goes all out when it comes to throwing birthday parties (and graduation parties, anniversary parties, sex tape release parties, etc.), and sources are saying she’s pissed at Rob for skipping town when he knew full well she’d spent weeks planning a celebration in his honor. 

According to Radar Online, Rob didn’t show much interest in the party from day one, and he tried to get out of it by bluffing – telling Kris that he wouldn’t attend because Blac wasn’t invited.

When Kris told him Blac totally was invited, he bailed anyway:

"Rob told her that he was not going to celebrate his birthday without his girlfriend,” says a source close to the situation.

“Kris told him that she would absolutely like Blac to come, but that she would also have to invite the rest of Rob’s family, including all of his sisters.”

Not surprisingly, Rob balked at the situation to have his birthday turn into some sort of big-bootied battle royale:

“He was not about to have his birthday turn into a dramatic situation, or an opportunity for Kris to let cameras roll on Kylie and Blac Chyna’s first face-to-face encounter,” says the insider.

Kris is reportedly unhappy with Rob, and frankly, she’s not alone.

Rob, you denied us what would’ve been one of the great reality TV scenes in history, and we may never forgive you.

Just kidding. A showdown is bound to happen at some point, as Blac reportedly plans to continue coming between Rob and his family.

In fact, Rob considers himself an orphan these days, probably because Blac told him to feel that way.

Take note: when you date someone who hasn’t seen the sun in two years, they’ll pretty much think whatever you tell them to.

The vitamin D deficiency must weaken their will or something. #TheMoreYouKnow